Michael Jackson & Friends (1999)

Michael Jackson & Friends were two concerts held by Michael Jackson in 1999, with numerous other performers as well. The purpose of the shows was to raise funds for children in Kosovo, Africa and elsewhere with the themes "Adventure of Humanity" and What More Can I Give", a song that was later released in 2001 the  The first concert took place in Seoul, South Korea on June 25 and the second one was in Munich, Germany. Michael was joined by long-time collaborator Slash during the two concerts. 

Michael's performance setlist: 

  •  Medley: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"/"The Way You Make Me Feel"/"Scream"/"Beat It"/"Black or White"/"Billie Jean" 
  • "Dangerous"
  • "Earth Song"
  • "You Are Not Alone"

During the Munich show, Michael unfortunately suffered an accident during "Earth Song" while he was standing on top of the "Bridge of No Return", a bridge crane that went up in the air and then a platform from above and it that created a bridge. While Michael was standing on top of it, a mechanical failure happened causing an explosion and the crane crashing down into the stage. Michael fell down a big distance with high speed and hit the ground and managed to climb out of the stage. He then went backstage and returned to perform "You Are Not Alone" wearing the same clothing and managed to finish his performance.  However, after the show Michael had to go to the hospital and it turned out his back was seriously injured by the accident and causing him a lot of pain ever since.